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Helping extraordinary people to do ordinary things. 

Would you like to improve your child´s concentration, speech or perhaps their sleep? Would you like your child to be calmer and be able to sit still for longer?

HANDLE® is a movement, neuro-developmental approach that is based on the plasticity of the brain; that the brain can change at any age.

Movement, especially organised, rhythmic movement can help organise the brain. So we teach people how to do a programme of movement exercises tailored to their needs. It is crucial to customise the exercises because everyone is an individual and has a different nervous system.

It is also important not to pressure children to do these exercises. If they do not like one, I simply look for an alternative.

Course content:

  • 12 HANDLE exercises and how to adjust them to the individual
  • explaining sensory-motor systems: touch, vestibular system processing movement, body in space awareness, muscle tone (muscles ready for movement, writing, talking, eye movement for reading)
  • how these systems can explain behaviour
  • how irregularities in the sensory-motor systems delay learning
  • influence of internal and external environment on learning and the quality of life
  • signs of overwhelm of the sensory-motor systems– reducing stress to speed up learning

The twelve activities are explored in detail, focusing on application for different ages, capabilities, developmental stages and needs.

It will be an interactive course, so you will need a Webcam to participate and to receive support when learning HANDLE activities.
To receive a Certificate of Attendance, it is important that you are present during the whole course.

We will be using Zoom, software for online conferences.
You will receive more information before the course.


Experience of Participants of Previous Courses:

"I think this course will be very beneficial for anyone working with children or with people in general to learn that we are all very different and to understand why that is the case. This understanding and new insight can change people’s course of action for the better. It will greatly help teachers to understand their students and their behaviours. It will greatly benefit everyone to let go of judging others behaviour but to become more accepting and understanding.  

The online course worked very well for me. I felt I could learn about different activates just as if I was present in person. I am assuming that it would be more fun trying the activities with other participants in person, but as I said, it worked perfectly for me this way as well."                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                              Ivana Z., Parent

"I just want to write, that I enjoyed the course very much and a lot of things clicked to each other. I already studied a lot about the sensory systems and I I also work with kids by the physiotherapy based on neurophysiology. What I like on HANDLE is, how you can integrate it in normal things and life and that some small changes can make so much difference in your life."
                                                                                                                                                             Katerina, Physiotherapist


Dates: Monday 5.6. +  Wednesday 7.6. + Monday 12.6. + Wednesday 14.6. + Monday 19.6. + Wednesday 21.6. + Monday 3.7. + Monday 10.7.2023, eight evenings, 20:00 - 22:30 (Czech time), 19:00 - 21:30 (UK, Portugal)

Cena:  7 800 Kč , 340 Euro

Participants can take this course again for free.

Participants of previous courses are welcomed.

For registration and more information contact us on handle@email.cz.

We are looking forward to connecting with you

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